How much are the premade book covers?

All premade ebook covers are currently on sale for a limited time for $60 each.

Can I get a full print wraparound for my book?

Not for the premade covers. Premade ebook covers are just the front cover, no more. .

What if I want a custom designed ebook cover or a full print wraparound?

Contact Melissa for more info..

How do I order a premade cover and what comes with it?

To order a premade cover, simply email Melissa: melissaliban at live dot com or if you wish, go to the contact page and use the email form there.

Give her the title of the premade cover you will like, the author name you want to use, book title, and tagline if you would like one included.

You will then be sent a PayPal invoice. Once you pay the invoice through PayPal (PayPal only), she will send you the book cover with your title, name, and tagline.

In return you will receive a jpeg in the dimensions of 1600X2560 (the size Amazon recommends for their ebooks) 72 dpi. And if you would like one, I will also include a 300dpi file for things like printing swag.

Can I get a 3D book image with my cover?

You can. Mention it in your email and then $10 with be added on to the price.

Will my cover look exactly like the one on the website?

Close, but depending on the length of the title and author name, a few tweaks might have to be made to make it look just as nice.

Will I see somebody else with my premade ebook cover?

There's always a chance you will see a book cover with the same stock image, but the design is uniquely yours. Once Melissa receives your payment, the cover will be taken down from the site.

And note, when she says you might see another cover with the same stock image, it is not a cover that she has created. She doesn't use the same stock image twice.

How long does it take to receive my ebook cover?

Once the payment goes through, anywhere from a few hours up to a few days. It depends how backed up Melissa is.

Can I get a refund for my premade ebook cover?

No. Melissa can not take the risk of someone using the file they have received and crediting it as their own.

Can tweaks be made to the premade ebook cover?

No. They come as they are.

Should I credit Melissa as the book designer?

It would be most appreciated.